Aeromotion company was founded by two friends who share the passion for aerial photography/video with radio controlled drones of latest technology on Santorini island.
Our objective is to use the latest unmanned technology, to set the highest standards in operational quality, safety measures and product delivery. 



The team


We love what we do, so let us share with you the experience of virtual real time flying over the breathtaking views on the cliff of the volcanic island and give another point of view in your photo-video session.




Elpidoforos is the pilot and has several years of experience on radio controlled vehicles boats and drones. He participated in many professional radio modelism races with sponsors like HPI and more.  His passion is to photo-shoot the island of Santorini where his grandfather comes from and he adores.  He knows many secret- non commercial places- to get you around for photo shootings.



Thanos is the copilot and he is a professional photographer with many years of experience (landscapes, weddings, models, studio art etc.) and is the “eye” through the lens of the drone.  By this way he manages to give a unique perspective of the amazing scenery of caldera in your photos or video.

The Services

aerial photography




home video


panoramic pictures


Aero photography and more

Aeromotion provides services for: Weddings & christenings. Videoclips. Real time virtual flights. Commercials  for hotels, yachts, rent a car, bars, restaurants, concerts etc.). Real estate/photogrammetry. 3D maps/surveillance with thermal cameras. Movies-TV/special events (sports etc.). Search & rescue. Marketing public projection. Archaeological and coastal photos and many more.



High- end technology equipment


DJI Drone Cameras


External 4K Recorder  


Equipment Info

We use the latest high-end technology equipment with DJI drones cameras and image stabilizers (gimbals). We use multi-rotor (UAV's octocopters, hexacopters) since they are extremely stable, cost-efficient, and smooth operational due to the unlimited possible ways of use.

  • DJI F550 hexacopter with GoPro 4 Black+ FLIR vue PRO (336x256) thermal camera for search & rescue
  • DJI Phantom 4 (UHD 4K 4096x2160@24/25 fps, 12MP raw/jpeg format) 1 operator for internal use
  • DJI Inspire1 PRO X5 (UHD 4K 4096x2160@24/25 fps, 16MP raw/jpeg format) with a big variety of lenses, 2 operators for external use and ZENMUSE XT FLIR  vue (640x512) thermal camera
  • DJI S1000+ (SONY A7R 36,4MP 35mm full frame sensor MPEG4.AVCHD/MP4) 2 operators for external use only for cinematic shooting and FLIR vue PRO (336x256) thermal camera for special operations
  • DJI Ronin gimbal camera stabilizer with SONY A7RII 35mm full frame sensor 42MP 4K AVCHD/MP4
  • DJI Osmo handheld gimbal (4K video) for use in special action shots or in very narrow places
  • SONY lenses CARL ZEISS Vario Tessar (macro, zoom, prime etc)
  • FLIR vue PRO (336x256) thermal camera
  • Edelkrone pro sliders, steadycams and gimbals

  • Headplay HD head mounted display 7'' 5,8GHz for real time virtual flights

  • HPI BAJA radio controlled fuel car for action shooting and PROBOAT BLACKJACK55 radio controlled gas engine catamaran speedboat for marine use and other special shooting operations.

In addition there is a variety of photo lenses and other accessories (radio systems, preview screens, telemetry cables, tripods, LiPo batteries, ground stations downlinks etc) that we use in order to accomplish any kind of project and for real time monitoring of the aerial footage.  There is the possibility of transmission through internet with extra charges.


Contact Us

Elpidoforos Koumartsiotis

+30 2286022639 +30 6946028887
Fira Santorini Greece

Thanos Rivios

+30 6942695767